Vic Brewski

Vic Brewski, the Ghanaian-born renaissance man pursuing acting in Los Angeles, is a business-savvy multi-hyphenate, who leverages his enthralling story of overcoming to inspire young men, immigrants, entrepreneurs, and other creatives as they mold their own distinctive path to success. As a young schoolboy, Vic Brewski moved to America in search of increased opportunities but struggled to find acceptance and belonging among his peers. Like most immigrant children, Vic Brewski conspicuously West African accent made him an easy target for bullying, which dampened his self-confidence. Athletics provided Vic with social capital as well as a scholarship to college, where his career journey began.

Vic Brewski earned two degrees, a Bachelor’s in Entrepreneurial Management and a Master’s in Data Science, which would prove useful for the duration of his professional career.

Post-college, Vic Brewski obtained employment in tech but soon realized that his profession did not compensate his crave for entertainment. As an avid traveler, Vic ventured to New York to network with other creatives who would ultimately spark his newly found career in modeling and acting.

Vic Brewski would later sign with Modelogic and land on the cover of DC’s Washingtonian! Since then, he has been booked with Capital One Bank, Hilton, Marriott, Navy Exchange, and featured in a national campaign for Chapstick which secured his voucher to the Screen Actors Guild. Having accomplished much in the Virginia/DC area, Vic eagerly relocated to Los Angeles to continue his meteoric rise in modeling and acting.

Keeping in mind his favorite quote “be dynamic, be intentional, be inspiring,” Vic Brewski continues to collaborate with many LA creatives to cultivate the change he wants to see in the world, including inspiring other diverse creatives to chase their dreams and shine in their own light.

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